Our Mission

To support the success of UF's core education, research and service mission by providing high quality, expert, context-sensitive, and responsive legal services to - and being a strategic thinking partner for - the University of Florida and its Trustees, faculty and staff in their UF roles. The law does not drive the core work of UF, but it is a design parameter for that work. When the OGC, faculty and staff proactively collaborate early on, together we can enable UF priority endeavors and avoid unnecessary law-related delays, disruption, or increased costs.

The OGC's principles, under which we assess our performance are: client-service, collaboration, accountability, professionalism, sustainability, and integrity.

Legal Demands, Process, Disputes

Please provide copies of demand letters from lawyers, subpoenas, complaints, and other legal and administrative process documents or threats to the OGC right away. Timely and appropriate responses are important to preserve UF rights and interests. Aside from forwarding documents to the OGC, it is best to communicate with us about disputes by phone or in person initially.

Scope of UF Representation

The OGC is responsible for all legal affairs and provides or oversees all legal services and representation for the University of Florida and its Trustees, faculty and staff in their UF roles.

Inside or Outside Legal Assistance

Please see the OGC Services Matrix. Contact the General Counsel or Deputy General Counsel at 352-392-1358 or Written communications are likely public records. Oral legal advice on UF matters is privileged.

Individuals with law degrees (and even Bar admission) who are employed by UF, but are not in the OGC, are not authorized to represent the University as lawyers.

All outside legal services must be procured through the OGC--but we collaborate closely with clients to retain the right outside expert when needed.

Representation of UF Affiliates

The General Counsel also has legal oversight responsibility for, and the OGC provides legal services to, the University's close private affiliates. When overseeing or providing legal services to a UF affiliate, the General Counsel and OGC lawyers are separately serving as legal counsel to that affiliate, which ultimately furthers the mission of UF.

Affiliates should confer with the UF General Counsel or designee to arrange for any outside legal services.

The chief lawyers for those UF affiliates that employ their own lawyers--University of Florida's affiliated hospitals and the University of Florida Foundation, Inc.--report directly to both a senior official of the affiliate and the UF General Counsel in her role on behalf of the affiliates.

Personal Representation of Individuals

UF lawyers are unable to represent UF Trustees, faculty or staff in their personal (non-UF) activities or against the University because our client is the University. For personal representation, the following referral service, among others, is available:

The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service - (800) 342-8011.